Friends are almost like food.

Food makes you stay alive while friends make life keep on being worth living and that is equally important.

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I disagree. The ones who shot down this plane or soulless terrorists running around with weapons in Russia, Ukraine, Israel or elsewhere, killing innocent people randomly, these are not humans. These are heartless monsters who deserve a special hell. They deserve to be killed, no one else.

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My thoughts are with the innocent people who died for a conflict they weren’t even part of & with the people who lose their loves ones #mh17 #rip ✈️

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R.I.P to all of the victims of the Ukraine-Russia MH17 passenger plane attack. x

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Enjoying beautiful summer vacation in Gdynia (Poland) , I totally recommend it 🌅⛵️☀️🌊❤️👍🌴⚓️

What ‘become rich’ tutorials thought me

1. Quit your current job
2. Start your own business

But it is your responsibility how you’re gonna do it and what products / services you offer

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Reblog if you’re not Tumblr famous, and you post the stuff because you like it, and you follow people because you actually like their blog.

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